(Toil and Trouble) Of the Wayward

Lavinia Valeriana

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released March 6, 2021

No. 3 of 5 in a set of 'pandemic' home session records that I captured during the multiple (Covid-19) lockdowns (along with Love, Seize the Thorns, and Lays Amidst Darkly Days, Vol. 1 & 2).

This rough sketch demo that I have called (Toil and Trouble) Of the Wayward is my little Warwickshire piece on preconceived opinions regarding a persons appearance or interests (in my case, the occult). Oft, never based on reason (or facts). Prejudice, if you will. Usually, this is not my topic, but (let's say) it just happened. It was recorded in one evening whilst brooding and capturing Lays Amidst Darkly Days, Vol. 1. It didn't, however, blend with those subjects, so I've sent it out solo. Like that release, this is not mastered or cleaned. As a diarist, I find beauty in all that is in its most natural or raw form. Yes, when it comes to keeping diaries - for me - it makes sense to leave an 'entry' as it was when caught in the moment, so imperfections in these works are considered, to me, as beauteous and add to the personal/intimate nature of their creation and my situation.

This release is written/composed, created (including the artwork), performed, and published solely by (me) Lavinia Valeriana at home in Warwickshire. Note: that some of the text is a quote from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

© & ℗ 2021 Lavinia Valeriana

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