March 6 2021

During the lockdown, I was recording a few real-time Bardic pieces. The last is Lays Amidst Darkly Days, Vol. 1 and Toil and Trouble (Of the Wayward). The latter does feature excerpts of William Shakespeare's Macbeth. It felt fitting since I was in the Trinity Church Graveyard, Stratford-Upon-Avon, at the time, writing the verse. The resting Bard was only a few metres buried away from me. Respectfully, of course, despite the Pagan protest in the {don't judge a book by its cover} words, ha! These demos are available at iTunes/Apple Music and Amazon. They are not mixed/mastered and are as initially made. I sat at the Piano, in my window overlooking Clarendon, and began to record the poems I had written for someone dear to my heart {who celebrates their birthday today}. The gift felt more personal this way. I am happy to report that they were well received. So, I thought I would share them with you too!