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Any offer available at this site (such as free downloads or sales) is for a limited time only and is subject to change. They are also exclusive to me. I have no control over prices sold elsewhere. My music is available to download and stream here, at, Bandcamp, iTunes and Apple Music, and Amazon. I did cease using any nom de plumes in 2017. As someone who began their journey as a person under the age of full legal responsibility (a minor), it felt safer. My audio releases before 2017, published under my then nom de plumes (kept until this time), were only available in limited edition (CD) pressings. These have since sold out. It is the same for books that I did release before 2020, which as limited editions are now out-of-print. There might be instances where used editions become available at good retailers, such as Amazon. My apologies for any inconvenience caused. It is not my intention, but re-publishing would defeat the purpose of exclusivity/a limited edition. Notwithstanding, I am beyond flattered at the demand. Yes, my heart is warm. For orders/payments/shipping of atelier items, see the designated listing.

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