June 27 2022

I know it's been a while (as things are presently a little hectic in my life). In between all the goings on, I thought I would share something new with you!

Available at the Atelier from July 1, 2022, are my Koad Pempont {folk-punk} flatforms. The design is free hand-painted/finished (not printed). 

Koad Pempont is Breton for The Brocéliande forest. It is full of folklore, home to Celtic Arthurian legend and a golden tree called the Arbre d'Or memorial. 

A lot of what I create is inspired (in some way) by heritage. To those curious, I’m very reserved about personal information. I don’t mind sharing that on my patrilineal I'm Italian (Fiorentina/Laziele)-Basque. 

My matrilineal is Breton-Irish-Welsh. I spent much of my upbringing across these lands, Warwickshire and Thessaloniki, Greece — thanks to my god family. Of less importance, there are further ties to Catalonia and Argentina, but this isn't an autobiography, and I'm not one to speak of my life openly — so ill leave it there.

Anyhow, stop by for a look on the 1st. Grazie!