1. Memento Mori
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Memento Mori

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Entirely written, composed [except the ending excerpt by Antonio Vivaldi], performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered (with intentional ageing), and published by Lavinia Valeriana, with self-portraiture artwork also by the artist.


Through you, I see a photograph of us from days gone too fast, and I laugh at you, a spectral, doting face from a loving past. You're far in another realm, yet near in a mist, au contraire! In front of me, a paradisiacal light, an Elysium glare.

I feel your shadow in the corner whilst peering at your orbs here and there. Some things I may have missed, but I don’t think they’re dust? Unless [in all my insomnia] vision has turned to rust. Then, who’s raking at my hair? From whence came this icy air?

I ask you to burn out for now, as it's time for me to (also) lay to rest. Return when the Corvus takes flight and to its nest. When Selene tends over the twilight, I'll see you the morrow, for now in my dreams. I do love and adore your company, but per favore, what about “Memento Mori” and all it means?

A hammer (with love and sorrow) pounds the blood that screams beneath my wounded breast. Return to your soil, pause your soul, and sleep tight. Lest I be awake for another night, it’s all for the best, would you be so kind?

Buonanotte/Goodnight [and I beg, it’s not all in my mind]. O’ cazzo! Have I, to reality, become blind? Is it Venlafaxine? No, I'm sure I'm fine.

Copyright © Lavinia Valeriana, All rights reserved