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'Til the Moon Kisses the Sun

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Entirely written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered (with intentional ageing), and published by Lavinia Valeriana, with self-portraiture artwork also by the artist.


I see the torment painted on your face,
how you feel you've fallen from grace
but there is something called forgiveness,
and we've all a chance for a renaissance.

O' My Dear, stay near!
No! My Dear, don't you dare
to second guess who you are,
I'm here to extract the spear
and lick the scars.

It's in the past, what-is-done-is-done,
there is always a battle to be won,
we're in this together,
'til the moon kisses the sun
over the tombstone

over the tombstone
where beyond we'll live on

over the tombstone
where beyond we'll live on

Copyright © Lavinia Valeriana, All rights reserved