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The Doomed Lover

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Entirely written, composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered (with intentional ageing), and published by Lavinia Valeriana, with self-portraiture artwork also by the artist.


Beneath my breast, I cry
and my skull, I die
for thoughts do darken slowly,
and my worth hangs lowly.

That is until I see yours
which is the face disseminating
a night sky full of stars,
a roaring sea of glimmering hope.

I feel you decimating
the steely rope that does splice
around, nay cover my throat
and if I say, take note

A long absence does torture,
if you were to think of me not,
Thanatos would take over
and garrotte, I, The Doomed Lover.

Copyright © Lavinia Valeriana, All rights reserved