Welcome to the home where I host my music side hustle from my life as a craftswoman born and based in South Warwickshire. I am an improvisational DIY Bardic Avant-Gardist and a self-trained Classical Composer. Attention shy, I publish from home in an easy-going (impromptu) fashion. Not always, but oft, intentionally aged (Lo-fi) or real-time audio, with hints of Goth and cultural/folk elements relating to mixed heritage and upbringing. All works are written, performed, and composed by solitary me, with a rare few credited exceptions. In addition, I release limited edition poetry books — spontaneously. I’m happy to invent and share with all and embrace all who do me. Less importantly, I am completely deaf in my right ear. Anyways, let's get further acquainted, shall we? I'd be delighted, and you'll learn more about me as we go via releases and my casual newsletter. If you have any questions, please, by all means, feel welcome to get in touch. Come feast upon the Psilocybin Mushrooms of my polymathy. Join me!



Thank you for stopping by! 

I am currently away in Firenze (Florence) working on a large-scale Classical music project that is truly special (to me). The composing side alone is very time-consuming (especially given my deafness), and I hope listeners will appreciate why when they hear this “stand-out” work. It is not spontaneous like most other releases — I’ll say no more.

You shall hear from me again sometime in 2024 (when my passion project is complete). In the meantime, I apologise for seeming to “play dead” and to be a bore, ha! It isn’t my intention to be anti-social. I’m particularly “focused”. I am genuinely looking forward to sharing (and beyond excited)! Notwithstanding, my inbox is always open to all who wish to reach out