For a few years, I have been working (at a snail's pace) on new music as-well-as writing what is now the confessional diary, Adrift in Acheron. I've been (very slowly) recovering from the debilitating health challenges I have had to face which have been erratic, life-threatening, and numerous. They have often brought my plans to a halt. In January 2020, I finally arrived at my destination of recovery, and in-spite-of this strenuous delay, I have re-found myself and a place where I can (slowly) begin sharing new works with all -- full of optimism. I am soon, with the aim of Artemis, planning to return with a new single, but I note that, under the advice of medical professionals, this will be in no rush. This has seen two past delays due to my circumstances but "if music be the food of love, play on", as our local Bard once wrote. The lyrics to the upcoming music release are available to read here

I am Vinnie of Leam

Hi there! I am Lavinia Valeriana, an attention-shy highly experimental (dark-romantic) Avant-garde Musician, Classical Keyboardist (Harpsichordist, Pianist and Organist), Confessional Diarist, and Artisan, owning a self-willed technique and, as an unequivocally private soul, casual approach. I am a single-sided deaf autodidact and bohemian from Warwickshire (of Latin-Celt background). I began self-tutoring in all my creative areas as an immensely inquisitive child. Nonchalantly, I prefer to evade the mainstream, artistically absorbing life at my own pace and am comfortable in my reluctance to adhere to modern convention. One example of this is my sheer social media shyness, except for my little gallery of Artist works @laviniavaleriana, what can I say? I am a three-hundred-year-old spirit trapped in a thirty-something-year-old shell, with time spent creatively wandering my imagination built from life, love, death, literature, folklore, history, and an infinite amount of other mystical wonderments provoking my thoughts. All of which, as a content hermit, I choose to discuss through my Art that speaks for me. I am entirely independent and the sole creator, manager, and publisher of every aspect of each Music, Book, or Artisan creation I craft in and release directly from my home in Leamington Spa, and for news and updates, please feel welcome to