I am Vinnie of Leam

Hi there! I am Lavinia Valeriana or Vinnie, if you will, a self-made attention-shy highly experimental (dark-romantic) Avant-garde Musician, Confessional Diarist, and Artisan, owning a self-willed technique and, as an unequivocally private soul, casual approach.  

I am a single-sided deaf autodidact and bohemian from Warwickshire (of Latin-Celt background). Nonchalantly, I prefer to evade the mainstream, creatively absorbing life at my own pace and am cwtch comfortable in my reluctance to adhere to modern convention.  

I am entirely independent and the sole creator, manager, and publisher of every aspect of each Music, Book, or Artisan creation I release.

In Late 2020, I will return with a new music single and launch my Artisan brand. I'd love to have you for a visit over at the boutique! A reflection of my roots, spirit, and personality, and naturally occurring Bohemianism which began in very early childhood, when I did develop an unrepentant obsession with rustic living, hand-crafting, and an undying crush on velvet fabric, as you'll soon discover!