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In the Garden of Turmoil

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Entirely written, composed, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered (with intentional ageing), and published by Lavinia Valeriana, with self-portraiture artwork also by the artist.


We did crawl in the garden
of turmoil and you did
claw with me into the soil
of this earth that has so
viciously tried to bury
many alive, take a soul
as more than the Ferryman
takes a toll, far more
costly than an obol.

Many have died,
many cannot thrive
and, how is it that we,
out of all, are blessed
to survive?

A global affliction
and its pandemonium,
what makes us so
very special?

That in times so fateful
we should escape
the crematorium
and not those people.

To seize the seed
that births new life,
as others cling to
their strife and
asylum-like delirium.

We stand at the outpost
of Love's guilt,
on the contrary,

My heart beats for you
but does bleed for them.
Away from a sanctuary,
possessed by remorse
in Bedlam!

From sanguine
to ex sanguine!

Too far from any Heaven.

Copyright © Lavinia Valeriana, All rights reserved