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Gather Ye Lilium*

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Composition (only) by John Playford | entirely written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered (with intentional ageing), and published by Lavinia Valeriana, with self-portraiture artwork also by the artist.

*this poem is exclusive to the audio release and is not available in the miniature collectable (25 pages) pamphlet of the same title, In the Garden of Turmoil.


Lay me to rest deep in your heart,
bury me tightly, never do-part
from all that has been and will ever be,
cosmically bonded by a modus operandi
carved in the stars by one, Aphrodite.
Mi sono innamorato di te.
Prego, resta con me per sempre.
Dai! Never will I deny or shun thee!
No, this love is true, so gather ye Lilium
and walk to the end of this life with me.
To the crematorium with conflicting calm and pandemonium.
Come, Bell'uomo, to find Elysium and flee!
Walk to the end of this life with me.

Copyright © Lavinia Valeriana, All rights reserved