I am Lavinia Valeriana! A (solo) improvisational DIY Bardic Avant-Gardist — self-taught Performance poet (Trobairitz, a Lady Troubadour) and whimsical multi-instrumentalist. Respectfully, a polymath with a disinterest in careerism/the mainstream and am very fond of solitude, intimacy and exclusivity. The nostalgic collector of rarities in me has passed on into my projects — thus, a selection of my recordings are [on rare occasions] accessible only for a specified time/number. I prefer exploration as an abstruse and especially attention-shy soul publishing from home in an easy-going (impromptu) fashion. Not always, but oft, intentionally aged [Lo-fi] Gothic audio either in real-time or an antique/vintage aesthetic, with hints of cultural/folk elements such as a quirk for keening — my Lacrymatory of sound. I'm Warwickshire born/based, but not entirely raised, a diverse blend of Latin European-Celt. Contentedly, all works are written, performed, and composed by solitary me unless I state otherwise.

I also release limited edition artworks and books {at my little private Atelier} now and then — spontaneously. Truly happy to invent and share with all and embrace all who do me. Less importantly, I am completely deaf in my right ear and presently struggling with the hearing in my left but charging onward — let's get further acquainted. I'd (genuinely) be delighted, and you'll learn more about me as we go via my releases and casual blog. If you should choose to stay with me, you'll notice that [this introvert] favours being consumed by creativity and productivity, so apologies in advance for my bouts of silence. At the time of my latest release, In a Chamber of Ruin, I decided to take a complete hiatus from the digital realm. An approach well-suited to my mental health. Frequently, I am away but assuredly always creating! Come feast upon the Psilocybin Mushrooms of my polymathy. If you'd like to get in touch or give feedback, by all means, message me. All are welcome!