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I am lavinia valeriana

Firstly, it's so nice to have you stop by! 

I am a highly experimental Avant-garde Musician, Confessional Diarist, and Artisan. A single-sided deaf autodidact, owning a self-willed technique from Warwickshire (of a variegated Latin European and Celt background), with Roman-Celtic polytheism curious kinsfolk. I am made out of great diversity, as you'll see from my welcome (a clue) above, so I am probably programmed incapable of adhering to one thing. It was a bohemian-style rearing (across lands) that was unashamedly unshy of the occult, seeing through a lens that kept life mysterious and I, in awe. I am ever exploring with clay, paint, textiles, (multilingual) words and music. 

I did start sharing immersive audio around my thirteenth birthday in 2000. In 2011, I did compile a compilation of recordings made from 2000 - 2011 into a (now sold out) CD, Of Blood and Absinthe. Back then, this was under my (no longer) pseudonym. In 2017, I did trade this completely for (a small part of) my (sentence long) true-name. Much of my sound has intentional distortion and nostalgic imperfections. This (somewhat) "Lo-fi" aesthetic I chose because of my life-long adoration for collecting vinyl records, those of the vintage diverse genres that pushed away from traditionalism. I love the aged quality and each warming crackle when playing them has that 'in front of the fire' Winter feeling for me and my flesh bumps with every pop - it's a venture to Arcadia! 

The instrumental art music works are auditory paintings, mixed-media painted with everything from The Rhodes Piano to Water. These 'paintings' are a way for me to create visual images with a variety of sounds that reflect the Magic Lantern show that fathoms in my head, for example, when reading such as La Cerva Fatata, the capture of Giambattista Basile's, The Enchanted Doe. As a keyboardist, I also marry the literature of favourites with compositions by the Classical composers, typically because they appear in my imagination also as I read. As a (dark-romantic) poet, I never use a traditional song structure (or singing style, which is oft in lament). My poems come directly from my Diaries, for example, the EP, Love, contains excerpts from the book, Adrift in Acheron. I did publish my initial Diary, in 2006, also containing child verse (as my tempestuous experiences gave need to write). I've moved on from those times, and thus, it is somewhat of a rarity these days. Yes, like many, I'm an (Antiquarian collector) bookworm, and for all curious, Dante Alighieri since about the age of five has been my undisputed numero uno, the 14th-century epic poem Divina Commedia, is why I did start to narrate my own journey's.

Admittedly, I have never given a live show or sought to make a music video, and any photography or videography is typically journal videos, self-portraits or still life. I have always preferred to evade the mainstream and been attention-shy. I go at my own pace and am comfortable in my reluctance to adhere to the modern convention that, as a reticent personality, makes me uncomfortable and, in truth, perplexes me. In the grand scheme of things, all is homemade, born from self-education, and published entirely by me, and I'm living it, and loving it before I give up the ghost. I've been recovering from a battalion of illnesses over the years you see, as cliché as it sounds, these life-threatening experiences led me to appreciate every microscopic - doomy, loving or other - detail of my life. That's how I like it: spontaneous, unbound, true to me and letting my creatures speak for me. And on that note because I'm quite blasé about social media, I humbly invite you to embrace me dearly, and 



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