Welcome to my musical home, where I am a DIY Bard (Avant-Gardist Trobairitz) and self-trained Classical Composer. Attention shy, I self-publish in an easy-going fashion. Intentionally aged or real-time audio with a Neo-Renaissance-Baroque fusion, vintage sound and Gothic and cultural/folk elements relating to mixed heritage and upbringing. I am not a friend of the metronome. I prefer liberty when composing. I confess to being a bit of a mystery because of my social media timidity. I like to think my creations can speak for me. I am happy to invent and share with all and embrace all who do me.

All works are written, performed, and composed by solitary me, with a rare few credited exceptions. In addition, I release limited-edition poetry books — spontaneously. Less importantly, but hoping it brings encouragement to others in my position, I am completely deaf in my right ear and hearing-impaired in my left. Anyway, I like to let the imagination do the talking.

Let's get further acquainted, shall we? I'd be delighted, and you'll learn more about me as we go via releases and my casual newsletter. If you have any questions, please, by all means, feel welcome to get in touch. If I am away, find my other artistic explorations at my art studio. Come feast upon my polymathy. Join me!