Who am I?


I am a single-sided deaf autodidact, owning a self-willed technique from Warwickshire (of a variegated Latin European and Celt background). I grew up with Roman-Celtic polytheism curious kinsfolk and am proudly Leamington Spa's very own love-and-death signalling Bean Sidhe (Banshee) in residence. I had a bohemian-style rearing (across lands) that was unashamedly unshy of the occult, seeing through a lens that kept life mysterious and I, in awe. I am ever exploring with clay, paint, textiles, music, and (multilingual) words. That last part meaning there can be some vocal-and-written gymnastics going on with the lyrics, trapezing a tightrope of my ancestral tongues of Latin/Italian, Catalan, Welsh (Cymraeg), Irish (Gaelic), and French (Breton) sprinkling the English. 


When it comes to my style


Much of my sound is intentionally doom-laden, vintage and with intended distortion and imperfections. The instrumental art music works are auditory paintings. These are a way for me to create visual images from sounds that reflect the Magic Lantern show that fathoms in my head when reading, for one example, La Cerva Fatata, the capture of Giambattista Basile's, The Enchanted Doe. As well as original compositions/works, sporadically composed by me, as a keyboardist, sometimes I marry the literature of favourites with works by the Classical composers, typically because they appear in my imagination also as I read. Classically, I was (again thanks to a love of reading) self-taught, first as a harpsichordist from age six. Many of my recordings are spontaneous as I prefer to "go with the flow," and as a dark-romantic performance poet, I never use a traditional song structure (or singing style). My recordings are often Lays/or in lament/keening, a tradition I've grown with when in mourning, and I confess my tendency to howl, growl and wail to my little heart's content. 


My poems/lyrics come directly from my diaries, such as the release Love that contains excerpts from the book, Adrift in Acheron. I have been publishing these for around fifteen-years to this day. I (mostly) owe my love of writing to Dante Alighieri but am, of course, too influenced by those from this place, we locals call, "Shakespeare's England". Admittedly, I have never given a live show or sought to make a music video, and any photography or videography is typically some form of self-portraiture. Everything is homemade and (self-published/managed) wholly. I am the tiny single entity behind it all. I guess you could say that I am living and loving it before I give up the ghost, and as someone described by others as "always doing something", I prefer to evade the mainstream and am attention-shy, very oft venturing off into artistic spaces. I go at my own pace and am comfortable in my reluctance to adhere to the modern convention that, in truth, perplexes me. I occupy myself too much for social media and tend to hibernate away from Instagram (my only personal/private account). So, I humbly invite you to join me by subscribing at the bottom of this page.




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