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Well, hello! And pleased to make your acquaintance! I am Lavinia Valeriana.


Yes, warm greetings from the home of castles Warwick and Kenilworth, South Warwickshire. Oft referred to as "Shakespeare's England" because of The Bard, but also the birthplace of attention-shy me [and that Humpty dumpty looking ceremonial “Magician” with a fondness for triangular head fashion]. We’re from the same neck of the woods, actually (which may explain why we’re both a bit strange). I am, however, a variegated blend of predominantly Italian and Breton, Basque, and (as Celtic luck would further have it) Welsh and Irish. I was moulded by these lands and yonder, from Catalonia, Argentina (all the way) to Greece. Thus, amongst my work, you will find multilingualism, heterogeneous influence, and a heart that beats strong for all of them. 

My work (for the most part) is (oft lo-fi) performance poetry audio with an antiqued/vintage aesthetic. 


Entirely independent and self-taught, and crafting for the love of it! I am a Gothic-Romantic Avant-Garde Bardic Musician (Neo-Trobairitz). In spontaneous moments also an instrumental dream and ethereal Audio Painter of dark or whimsical scenes. In my audio, I do (at times) use an untraditional approach to keening. I've never been fond of strict rules or the norm. I don't follow a structural poetry standard. I chose to write without restriction from a very young age. At the same time, I fell in love with the likes of Dante Alighieri. My aim in life isn't to be accepted. I long for adventure. I'm behind it all, exploring with my cherished intimate following and, notwithstanding, completely deaf in my right ear, which is rather amusing (for me anyway). An abstruse creature? Yes, living La Vie Bohème and loving it before I give up the ghost, always cultivating in the shadows, away from modern convention, with no particular purpose, simply happy to invent and share with all and embrace all who do me. Come, feast upon the Psilocybin Mushrooms of my polymathy.


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Much of my headphone music has intentional imperfections and ageing, typically in a cylinder phonograph, gramophone or early radio presentation for old souls. 


I did develop as a Harpsichordist and Mandolinist at six years old, the latter being my preferred. It would seem overnight that I also found myself to be a multi-instrumentalist (aroused by distortion). I was heavily encouraged by the Baroque works of Vivaldi and Virtuoso dance music dating back to the time of Boccaccio, Decamerone. I would also self-study in the various period and traditional styles, yet acquiring a flavourful progressive personal taste in the process (owing to funereal Torch song, Gwerz, Giallo soundscapes, cultural sounds and '70s - '90s Goth Metal/Rock and Post-punk) composing and playing in my laissez-faire unorthodox way. All led to becoming a highly experimental (somewhat enigmatic) solo DIY artist. 


Some of my audio is currently free to download. This limited-time offer includes my latest poetry release, In the Garden of Turmoil. As the saying goes, I'm just chilling, so this is how I'm doing things for now and wish to make music. There is nothing more at present that would please me, and I hope you enjoy it! 


Also Made by Moi

I am also a Confessional Diarist (Poet) who will release a limited edition book now and then, sold here at my exclusive atelier. My verse focuses on love, death, and mourning, amongst other subjects. On occasion, you will find me as an Artisan, Sculptor, and Artist securely wound to my diverse heritage and my pieces also here. 

I tend to create spontaneously.

Feel welcome to connect with me or to sign-up for my little e-letters (below). I will write to you regarding the latest or upcoming handmade pieces and poetry publications. 


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