And pleased to make your acquaintance! I am Lavinia Valeriana. A (solo) improvisational DIY Bardic Avant-Gardist — self-taught Performance poet (Trobairitz) and whimsical multi-instrumentalist. Respectfully, a polymath with a disinterest in careerism/the mainstream and am very fond of solitude. 

I prefer exploration as an abstruse and especially attention-shy soul publishing from home in an easy-going (impromptu) fashion. Not always, but oft, intentionally aged [Lo-fi] Gothic audio with an antique/vintage aesthetic and a quirk for keening — my Lacrymatory of sound. 

I’m Warwickshire born/based, but a diverse blend of Latin European-Celt. Contentedly, everything is written, performed, and composed, etc. by me unless I state otherwise. I release limited edition artworks and books (at my little exclusive Atelier) now and then too — spontaneously. I’m simply happy to invent and share with all and embrace all who do me. 

Less importantly, I am completely deaf in my right ear and presently struggling with the hearing in my left but charging onward — let's get further acquainted. I'd (genuinely) be delighted, and you'll learn more about me as we go via my releases and casual blog. I choose to be consumed by creativity and productivity so apologies in advance for my bouts of silence. 

At the time of my latest release, In a Chamber of Ruin, I decided to take a hiatus from the digital realm. I am away but creating! Behind the scenes occupying myself with various crafts. Until my return, please, do come feast upon the Psilocybin Mushrooms of my polymathy.